A Special Place RI

Our Mission:

To honor

our customers with outstanding 

compassionate and personal customer service.

Our Motto: 

"If we don't have exactly what you want, we can generally get it or get it made for you within

24- 48 hours!"


Located in  Woonsocket, we are a family run store dedicated to providing religious and Catholic products and services.

We also are dedicated to serving our customers need for with a full service store.

Our shelves are chock full of items including:

Quality greeting cards 
Gifts for and memorials for clergy and religious
Prayer cards

Framed pictures


Jewelry and Rosaries

Inspirational gifts
Wedding, anniversary, baby, and retirement gifts
Inspirational  Books, DVDs, CDs
Cremation jewelry & keepsakes
Bibles, bible tabs, bible covers/cases
Religious neck ties
Religious & memorial service program  covers
Trappist candies & preserves           
Seasonal items  


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